What's my Shopify url?

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How To Find Your Shopify Store URL

Your Shopify store URL is the default domain your store uses when you first sign up. The .myshopify.com URL is also the unique identifying URL for your store, which means it cannot be changed.

It uses the format [your-store-name.myshopify.com] and can easily be found by looking at the URL in the address bar when you are logged into your Shopify admin.


You can change your store name as many times as you like, or add additional custom domains to your website for customers to access your site, and your original .myshopify.com URL will not change.

Did you know that allbirds.com has weareallbirds.myshopify.com as their original URL? Your customer facing address, or custom domain, doesn't need to match your myshopify address.

Quickly Find The MyShopify URL For Any Store

Using our quick tool, you can find the .myshopify.com URL for any store that uses Shopify.

Simply enter the website's customer facing address, and the checker will find the .myshopify.com identifier for that store.

We find this tool is incredibly handy for Shopify developers that need to request collaborator access to stores.

It's much easier than going back and forth with your client to get their .myshopify.com address.